Admiral Awesome the band

Admiral Awesome is a trio that plays the self-invented genre "kapowjazz"!

As the name suggests, kapowjazz is hard hitting, humorous, comprehensive, swinging, rebellious, purely from the heart, adventurous, beautiful and sentimental, just like a well-told cartoon.

Admiral Awesome draws inspiration from numerous corners of the jazz history and mix it all together in one big high-explosive kapowjazz cocktail of original quirks.

With humour, self irony but something at stake the music is handed to you the listener with staunch dedication.

Christian Windfeld

Master’s degree + Advanced Postgraduate Diploma in Music for exceptional soloists from The Royal Academy of Music, 2014.
Performs and has performed with:
FØRSTEPERSONENTAL, Kolonihaven Unikum, Heenan/Melbye/Windfeld, benedictandersontheband, Nina De Heney, Audrey Chen, Gene Perla, Pietro Tonolo.
FØRSTEPERSONENTAL, Kolonihaven Unikum Saltö, Kolonihaven Unikum Punkt-Linie-Fläche, benedictandersontheband, Alex Jønsson 3 The Lost Moose.

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Thomas Sejthen

Master’s degree in electric-/and Doublebass from the Royal Academy of Music, 2006
Performs and has performed with:
Indra, Brumbasserne, Caution! Art Kills!, Jacob Bro, Jeppe Gram, JD5, Jesper Løvdal, Butch Lacy, Søs Fenger, Christian Vuust, Uffe Steen, Sigurd Barrett Kresten Osgood mf.
Uffe Steen, Indra, Caution! Art Kills!, Morten Haugshøj kvartet, Julie Kjær kvartet, Khrat, Tenderone, Kristina Holgersen, Fodkoldt, Brumbasserne, Jan Svarre, Blood Sweet Drum and Bass Big Band, Sune G, Benjamin Trærup.

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Jacob Danielsen

Master’s degree in Saxophone from the Royal Academy of Music, 2004.
Private studies with George Garzone, Michael Blake, Tony Malaby and Jonas Kullhammar.
Performs and has performed with:
Blood,sweat drum ’n bass, Århus jazz orchestra,  Palle Mikkelborg, Jørgen Munkeby, Mikko Innanen, Fredrik Ljungkvist, Per “Texas” Johansson, P.O Jørgens, Johs. Lund a.o
DJ Static, JÄRV, Mani Spinx, Blod, Sweat Drum’ n ’ Bass Bigband, Acid Plutonium,
Sonja Hald, Ask Kjærgaard m.fl.

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Jesper O. Jacobsen for recordings, Anders Frang for spledid graphics and Per Pedersen for photos!